The land is boundless; harmony creates beauty.

Usunhome Group is a top player in China's cultural industries. Guided by our cultural confidence, the Group specializes in investments in and management of cultural, creative and tourism industries. We embrace the philosophy that we pass down cultural treasures through cultural industries and show confidence through good market performance in pursuit of the unity of profitability and positive social impact.
Usunhome Group is headquartered in Chengdu, China. Companies in which it has investments and holdings dedicate themselves to conceptualization, business forms planning, investment, development, operation, management, and marketing in cultural and tourism industries. Having cooperated closely in recent years with CPC committees, governments, domestic and foreign cultural and creative enterprises, we have worked on many large cultural tourism projects either by building the entire industry chains or by offering a wide range of services. In Sichuan Province, we have developed large comprehensive cultural and tourism projects: Wuhou Shrine • Jinli Three Kingdoms Cultural Experience Streets, East Lake Contemporary Urban Art Complex (Chengdu East Lake Creative Music Talent Center), Dachuan Alley π Cubic Art Street and Xichang • Jianchang Ancient Town project. In Tibet, we have developed and run the large-scale Tibetan culture epic drama “Princess Wencheng” & Cijuelin Ancient Village Protection and Development Project, and the play “Princess Jincheng” & Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Park; we have cooperated with local governments on Lhasa Dadong Village Comprehensive Targeted Poverty Alleviation Tourism Development Project, Deji Tibetan Home Sustainable Tourism-oriented Poverty Alleviation Project, and Nyêmo Karu Cultural Tourism Development & Targeted Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Project. In Beijing, we are working with the Palace Museum on the large-scale epic drama “The Forbidden City” to celebrate the Forbidden City’s 600th anniversary.
Responding to China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, the Group and its companies have launched large “Go Global” cultural projects outside China: “Princess Bhrikuti” Himalayan Cultural Tourism Innovation & Development Project in Kathmandu, Nepal and “Dream of Angkor” Sustainable Cultural Tourism Project near Angkor Wat, Cambodia. These two projects have both been selected as 2018 National Key Cultural Export Project by five state ministries collectively (Ministry of Commerce, for instance).

Striding into a new era, Usunhome Group strives for a great fusion of culture and tourism. We have been adjusting and optimizing our product structure and have steered into new fields. To upgrade our products and foster new business forms, we have actively engaged in film, television, music and the Internet. We have co-produced with the celebrated director Meng Jinghui a world-class large-scale immersive play “Stolen Heart”. We are producing a film about Princess Wencheng in association with Beijing Film Academy, and developing and running J-Makers APP, a platform that gathers DIY aficionados with attitude and talent. Indeed, we are growing by leaps and bounds into a modern cultural and creative enterprise from a traditional cultural tourism enterprise.

For its earnest endeavors, Usunhome Group has been highly recognized by the public and the market. This is demonstrated by multiple national, provincial and municipal honors and awards: “China's Innovative Cultural Enterprise”, “Sichuan's Leading Tourism Investment Enterprise”, “Outstanding Enterprise in Sichuan’s ‘Ten-Thousand-Enterprises-Help-Ten-Thousand-Villages’ Targeted Poverty Alleviation Campaign”, “A Hundred Prioritized New Economy Enterprises in Chengdu”, etc. Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. (an affiliate to the Group) was nominated jointly in both 2018 and 2019 by Economic Daily and Guangming Daily under the supervision of the Central Publicity Department for the honor “China's Top 30 Cultural Enterprises”. Other honors and awards won by Usunhome Cultural Tourism include “Jinpu Award • Leading Brand in Cultural, Creative & Tourism Industries at China Brand Festival 2018” and “Innovative Cultural Enterprise”. Mr. Qiu Wei, Chairman of the Group and of Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., has been granted multiple accolades: “Top 10 Annual Figures in China's Cultural Industries”, “Top 10 Innovative Figures in China's Cultural Industries”, “Sichuan’s 100 Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up”, “Sichuan’s Outstanding Builders for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, Sichuan “Golden Panda” Award for Excellent Individual, and “Leading Builder for Sichuanese Culture”, to name but a few. Mr. Qiu Wei is also member of Executive Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, member of Tibet Autonomous Region’s CPPCC Committee, member of Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Committee and Vice-Chairman of Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce (Sichuan Provincial Chamber of Commerce).

Qiu Wei:

Chairman of Usunhome Group, Chairman of Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd, Executive Member of National Committee of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce (Provincial Chamber of Commerce), Executive Dean of Institute of Arts of Sichuan University, Distinguished Professor of Academy of Arts of Sichuan University, Member of the CPPCC of Tibet Autonomous Region, Member of the CPPCC of Sichuan Province, one of the 2016 Top 10 Figures of China's Cultural Industry.

Guided by the philosophy of innovation driving, Usunhome Group adheres to the concept of being a content provider with cultural confidence, showing cultural treasures through cultural industry and confidence by good market performance. Usunhome Group takes both social impact and economical interests with the same consideration aiming to set itself as the pioneer enterprise in China’s cultural tourism industry.

The river-source seems to be pouring from the heaven, the water of the Yellow River travels thousands of miles until it reaches the East Sea. As a Chinese descendant with a deep affection for the country and nation, disseminating civilization and sowing the seeds of dreams in the whole country are my unceasing pursuit.

The great rejuvenation of Chinese nation cannot be accomplished without cultural prosperity. In today's world, international competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and cultural competition has emerged. To a certain extent, the influence of the culture belongs to the core competence of a country and a nation.

When our family members, friends and employees, radiant with delight, are busy with preparing for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, I find that those traditional festivals belonging to us such as Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day, Double Ninth Festival and other ethnic festivals are gradually weakened in the turbulent of international cultural impact. Similarly, a variety of national cultural quintessence and heritages become less popular with weakening influence and many skills and stories which spread throughout the ages seem to be disappearing.

By means of industrialization and holding the idea of market-oriented, Usunhome Group aims at cultural conservation, inheritance, development and construction to primarily protect the cultural heritage, fully exploit cultural connotation and elaborately create cultural products, which makes the “gold” buried in the gravel an era masterpiece after careful crafting.

In the new era, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China transmits good news of cultural confidence. Facing new historical opportunities, moving forward on the road of inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture, shouldering the mission of spreading Chinese culture in response to the national “Belt & Road Initiative” is my personal ambition as well as the dream of Usunhome Group. For this idea, we will treat it with heart and soul.

He Ping:

Co-founder, Vice-President of Usunhome Group, President of Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., Executive Deputy Dean of Institute of Arts of Sichuan University, Distinguished Professor of Academy of Arts of Sichuan University.

Dreams Merge Together and Forge Ahead to the Future.

On the historic journey of prosperous development of Chinese culture, we are a group of dreamers who chase after the dream of Usunhome in the vast ground of cultural industry.

From the west plain of Sichuan Province to Tibetan Plateau; from Chengdu, the land of abundance to Beijing, the capital of China; from and Cambodia to Nepal, wherever the dream extends, we will chase after it.

Deep in Jinli ancient street of Chengdu, we build Three Kingdoms Culture Experience Block. By the riverside of Chengdu East Lake, we build the Usunhome Art Gallery. We look for the modern expression of the Chinese culture, bridge the distance between modern art and public life, seek for balance between cultural industry and public welfare and thus create the pragmatic approach to the creative co-working undertakings.

In the holy city of Lhasa, we reproduce the epic scenes of Princess Wencheng and Princess Jincheng, who conformed the imperial matrimony culture, through integration between art and technology. We implement the targeted poverty alleviation through culture industry and reflect the pragmatic value of folk art in benefiting the public in such old villages like Cijuelin and Dadong. In the city of Xichang, known as Yuecheng, we protect and promote the recovery of Jiangchang ancient town and revitalize the glory of South Silk Road.

Usunhome also goes abroad with two overseas cultural projects, which are listed on the national “Belt and Road” key projects of cultural export, namely “Dream of Angkor” Sustainable Cultural Tourism Project in Cambodia and “Princess Bhrikuti” Himalayan Cultural Tourism Innovation and Development Project in Nepal. Usunhome is composing a new chapter of cultural industry with his devotion to the Chinese Dream.

Through the cross-border integration, exploration in films and TVs, singing, audition and deep integration with Internet, we unlock the “Tibet Code” by reality show and put “Princess Wencheng” on TV, revitalize the soul of Chinese martial art by means of cold weapons exercise and implement the program of “Sing for Mountains and Rivers” with cultural confidence. Usunhome diligently promotes cultural prosperity through each specific project.

I truly believe that only when we are determined in our direction, maintaining the team spirit and executive capability, long and prosperous development could be obtained in Usunhome Group as well as its subsidiary Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.. The employees of Usunhome Group will benefit more and feel much happier.

The path leads to the dream is under the feet.

The land is boundless   Harmony creates beauty

Group Purpose:Pursuing cultural prosperity, and taking social impact and economic benefits into the same consideration.

Group Concept:Guided by our cultural confidence, Usunhome strives to demonstrate cultural treasures via cultural industries and confidence through good market performance.
Group Vision:An investment holding group pioneering Chinese cultural economy
Operation System: Combining asset-heavy and asset-light business models, fusing different fields and going global
Core Competence:Crafting cultural tourism projects throughout the whole industry chain, namely, creative planning, custom-built design, investment & holding, and operation & management