Dadong Village and Boma Village in Lhasa were selected as "the Second Batch of National Key Rural Tourism Villages"

On July 9, Ministry of Culture and Tourism released "the Second Batch of National Key Rural Tourism Villages for Public Scrutiny". Dadong Village (Liuwu New District, Lhasa) and Boma Village (Naiqiong Town, Duilong Deqing District, Lhasa) are both on the list. Once again Usunhome won the honor for the villages where it has been developing and running rural tourism projects. "The thousand-year-old walnut village" Karu village (Nyêmo County, Lhasa) whose tourism has also been run by Usunhome was listed "the First Batch of National Key Villages for Rural Tourism".


The "National Key Rural Tourism Villages" are selected jointly by Ministry of Culture and Tourism  and National Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the Tourism Development Plan during the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period and Guidelines of the State Council on Promoting the Revitalization of Rural Industries.


Seen as models for rural tourism development and targeted poverty alleviation in Lhasa, the three rural tourism projects mentioned above have tapped into local traditional culture and tourism resources and integrate them together, which has improved living conditions in rural villages, furthered upgrading of industrial structure, promoted rural revitalization and intensified the fight against poverty.


Usunhome has been actively exploring models of poverty alleviation along the way. The "government+company+cooperative+farmers" operation model represents a "four-in-one" mechanism that helps to reduce poverty through development of industries. It has empowered farmers and herdsmen who have both contributed to and benefited from development of rural tourism. They are blazing a sustainable poverty alleviation trail whereby "development of industries helps combat poverty" and originating an effective and replicable Tibetan variation of "Chinese solution" to poverty.

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