Chairman of the board Qiu Wei was awarded “The Eighth Model Worker of Sichuan Province”

On the morning of Dec. 2, Sichuan province held the 8th model worker and advanced worker commendation conference in Chengdu. Peng Qinghua, party secretary of Sichuan Province attended the conference and made a speech. During the meeting, the standing committee of the provincial party committee, minister of united front work department, provincial federation of trade unions chairman tian read out to the "Sichuan province people's government of recognition in Sichuan, the eighth the decision of the model workers and advanced workers", Sichuan 798 model workers and advanced workers were honored, Peng Qinghua, Huang Qiang, Ke Zunping, Deng Xiaogang etc to the recognition on behalf of the honorary certificate. Among them, Qiu Wei, chairman of Usunhome Group and chairman of Usunhome Cultural Travel Co. LTD, was awarded the title of "Model worker of Sichuan Province".


The award of the 8th Model worker of Sichuan Province is an important affirmation and encouragement to Qiu Wei, chairman of the board of directors, for his deep exploration of the cultural tourism industry and his contribution to the integrated development of Sichuan cultural tourism. Qiu Wei chairman, said he would cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, continue to play an exemplary role, vigorously carry forward the spirit of labor model, with the full labor feelings, continue to bring in industrial patriotic and practice, and build more tour products, with the influence of age for text brigade fusion power, innovation and social and economic development in promoting overall layout and the "Five One" "Four Comprehensive" strategic layout, and promote the development of Sichuan high quality, promote governing Sichuan to a new level in the process of make new contributions.

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