Usunhome Group officially relay the Lizhuang ancient town scenic Spot to build and operate

February 1, A formal handover ceremony was held by Yibin Lizhuang Ancient Town Scenic Area Management Committee, Yibin Lizhuang Culture Tourism Group Co., LTD., and Usunhome Group, Lizhuang Ancient Town Scenic Spot will be led by Usunhome Group to build and operate, the two sides will integrate resources, complementary advantages, to "all refresh, innovation, in order to focus on increasing" build strategy, Turn over Lizhuang ancient town new "beautiful" phase of a new page.


In the era of cultural tourism integration and "life-oriented" vacation, Yibin Lizhuang Ancient Town Cultural Development Co., Ltd., which is jointly established by Usunhome Cultural Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Usunhome Group, and Yibin Lizhuang Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., is the sole overall operator of Lizhuang Ancient Town Scenic Spot. To forge a "Yibin landmark along the Yangtze River, a Chinese card with cultural confidence", "Southern Sichuan cultural tourism leisure vacation destination", "National 5A scenic spot" the goal, will the refresh "beautiful" in the moon field area, the key area of phase lock Lizhuang town core scenic area of the golden tourist line and key nodes. At present, Lizhuang Ancient Town Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is stepping up the implementation of related project construction and business format planting, and will make every effort to launch the "Tongji Avenue - Shunhe Street - Zhengjie - Xizi Lane - Laochang Street - Yang Street" demonstration tour line and model courtyard in Lizhuang Ancient Town during the May Day period this year.

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