Lhasa Princess Wencheng Cijue Lin Tibetan Courtyard style Street was selected as one of the first national tourism and leisure blocks

The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently released the first list of state-level tourism and leisure blocks. Cijelin Tibetan Courtyard Street in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Regionis the only block in Lhasa to be included in the list.

Cijelin Tibetan Courtyard Style Street is located in Lhasa China Tibet Cultural tourism Creative Park, relying on princess Wencheng Theater, across the river from Potala Palace, enjoy a panoramic view of Lhasa city. Blocks using traditional Tibetan settlement space form, built around the mountain, has completed set of folk culture, folk arts and crafts production and marketing, performing arts entertainment, hotel business trip, home, leisure tourism, service life, which integrates text brigade blocks, building "experience subject-live performance + culture" composite tour industrial structure, is tourists to Lhasa tourism will clock in one of the destinations.

The successful selection of the first national tourism and leisure blocks highlights the unique cultural tourism charm and excellent brand influence of Cijue Lin Tibetan Courtyard Style Street. In the future, the block will continue to improve and improve the overall service quality, cultivate diversified business forms, enrich leisure functions, strengthen product supply, jointly build Tibet's cultural tourism and leisure economic highland, and further promote the upgrading of Tibet's cultural and tourism industry.

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