Hainan Home Dacheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. opened in Sanya

On September 29, Hainan Home Dacheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Home Dacheng company), which was jointly funded by Beijing Chunguang group and Usunhome group, was officially established in Tianya District, Sanya City. Wang Qichun, chairman of Beijing Chunguang group, and Qiu Wei, chairman of Usunhome group, delivered speeches and jointly unveiled the brand. Leaders of both sides attended the ceremony and witnessed this historical moment. After the establishment of Home Dacheng company, it will accelerate the implementation of three high-quality cultural and tourism projects jointly built by the two sides, namely, the Tropical Rainforest Resort on the animal planet in Blonsey, the characteristic cultural and tourism commercial block on the waterfront of betel nut village, and the leisure and holiday destination of Mengli Township in Binglang village.

The blonsey project is adjacent to Haitang Bay in Sanya. It is planned to create a "Blonsey Animal Planet" with animal theme amusement as the core, and become a characteristic cultural and tourism landmark and comprehensive resort destination integrating rainforest pastoral, entertainment and leisure, health care vacation, festival carnival, etc. Betel nut waterfront project is located in the center of Sanya, which is the first waterfront romantic literature and Art District in Sanya. As a pilot construction area of Hainan regional shared farm, the Dream township project site of Binglang village is committed to building itself into a rural tourism benchmark of an international tourism island and a rural living room of a world-class coastal city.

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