Chairman of the board, Qiu Wei, was awarded ‘the Model Individual of Sichuan National Unity and Progress’

A list of the eighth batch of model collectives and individuals for ethnic unity and progress in Sichuan province has been unveiled. Qiu Wei, chairman of the Group and chairman of Usunhome Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd , was awarded the model individual of Sichuan National Unity and Progress.


In recent years, under the leadership of Qiu Wei, chairman of the board of directors, In the process of promoting the layout of cultural and tourism industry, Usunhome always pursue the unification of social benefits and economic benefits, pay great attention to and actively participate in the development of cultural and tourism industry and social undertakings in Sichuan, Tibet and other ethnic areas, and strive to promote the implementation of a number of major cultural and tourism projects in ethnic areas. In recent years, Usunhome has explored and practiced the sustainable poverty alleviation mode of "Culture + Tourism + Poverty Alleviation", which has effectively promoted the fundamental transformation of local people's employment and income increase as well as production and lifestyle, and has been highly recognized by the Party Committee, government and all sectors of society.

Qiu Wei chairman in the cause of enthusiastic participation in national regions and the construction of the people's livelihood, in recent years, it has donated cultural and educational undertakings and public facilities for ethnic villages in Ganzi Prefecture, Aba Prefecture and Liangshan Prefecture, support of Sichuan province "thousands of companies to help thousands of villages" consumption activities for poverty alleviation, actively participate in disaster relief and multiple text brigade in ethnic minority areas, and for domestic top level planning and intellectual support for the development of industry. In the future, Chairman Qiu Wei will continue to lead the company to serve the country through industry, adhere to the principle of cultural tourism for the benefit of the people, and build more "multi-effect and unified" high-quality cultural tourism projects and rural tourism projects in Sichuan and other ethnic minority areas, so as to help ethnic minority areas prosper and make new and greater contributions to ethnic unity and progress.

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