Usunhome was awarded the national Ten Thousand Enterprises help ten thousand Villages targeted poverty alleviation action advanced private enterprise

An exchange meeting and commendation meeting for advanced private enterprises were held in Zhijin county, Southwest China's Guizhou, Nov. 12, 2018. At the meeting, Usunhome Group was awarded the national Advanced Private Enterprise in the 2020 Targeted poverty Alleviation Campaign of "Ten Thousand Enterprises help ten thousand Villages" by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation.

Over the years, under the leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, Usunhome Group and its subsidiaries have given full play to their advantages to help targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization through cultural and tourism industry. Domain and the dominant of brigade project, always adhere to will give top priority to social benefits, fulfill social responsibility to bear by projects and promote industry radiation, vigorously promote the income of poor rural masses entrepreneurship and employment out of poverty, so as to explore a sustainable development pattern of the "Culture + Tourism + Poverty Alleviation" by Usunhome.

On the Tibetan plateau, Usunhome has invested and produced “Princess Wencheng”, a large-scale poetic drama of Tibetan cultural history, and the stage play “Princess Jincheng”, creating rural cultural tourism poverty alleviation projects such as Cijolin Village, Dadong Village, Deji Tibetan Family, Nimukaru Village and Lhasa Jingkai Riverside Park. Through the construction of cultural parks, the creation of classic plays, and the implementation of cultural tourism projects with rural characteristics, the Tibetan people will be strongly supported to get rid of poverty and become rich by participating in project construction, jointly carrying out project operation, participating in project performance, relying on local employment transfer and starting their own businesses. In addition, Usunhome insists on selecting party members and excellent employees from its headquarters in Chengdu to assist Tibet every year, so as to carry out skills training for villagers and continuously stimulate the endogenous power of local people to get rich through hard work.

Beautiful in Sichuan, the protection and renewal project of Yongquan Street, a famous historical and cultural city of Xichang, built by Usunhome, will effectively promote the integrated development of local cultural and tourism industry in the future. We have worked together with Ganzi Prefecture, to promote the large-scale Tibetan culture immersive play “Aden • Tibetan Code” , and the construction of tourism in the whole region of Ganzi and the local people's poverty alleviation and prosperity. In Sanya and Baoting County, Hainan province, "Big Sanya" cultural and tourism projects such as Bloongsai Animal Planet Tropical rain Forest Resort and Penang Village Li Village leisure and holiday destination have been promoted to promote the transformation and upgrading of local cultural and tourism industry.

At the same time, Usunhome are committed to poverty alleviation through education. We have donated kindergartens and rebuilt primary schools in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan, and helped poor students in Ganzi prefecture and Aba Prefecture. Usunhome has taken an active part in social welfare and charity, donating money to the governments and poor villages in Xizang and Sichuan over the years. After the Jiuzhaigou earthquake in 2017 and the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Usunhome actively donated funds and made positive contributions to disaster relief. 

The award of the national "Ten Thousand Enterprises help ten thousand Villages" advanced private enterprises in targeted poverty alleviation is an important recognition and encouragement of the achievements of Usunhome Group in carrying out social responsibility and actively participating in poverty alleviation. In the future, We will cherish our honor, never forget our original intention, work hard and give full play to our advantages. Supported by more excellent cultural tourism projects, we will contribute more and more beautiful forces to the industrial upgrading and development of poor villages and towns where the projects are located, as well as to the people's poverty alleviation and income increase.

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